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Luciano Bianchin is highly-appreciated for its graphic design and the production of personalized displays. Our company focuses on clients, which are considered as people who have to be served. We pay attention to their needs and try to create articles according to all their requests.

Graphic design allows us to show different proposals to clients, which can choose shapes, colours, dimensions and packaging. According to the drawing or the instructions customer gives, a project of the new stand is elaborated.

If displays have to be shipped abroad, we will pay a particular attention - during the graphic study - to the dimensions of the whole product. We know that there are some restrictions in shipping the goods abroad by courier, and for this reason we try to study a design related to a small-sized packaging.

Not only does the company offer solutions for the production of new displays, but it also works in order to repair the old stands. Our production department can repair damaged structures or modify the old stands by adding new logos or giving new panels.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to ask for more information about our graphic design service or for a proposal of a new display.

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